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IC Inbox

[if your characters is contacting Maya, you can leave a comment here!

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[A few seconds of faint shuffling.]

...This is a Code Double 'S' -- HTF, A/O, MIB, AF #43-008231.

Let us talk.

- Silver Shogun

[You can hear a prompt slam of the journal after the message is left.]
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...I take it you haven't brushed up on your code.
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Oh Cheesus Maya

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Yes. Yes, I did. I had it delivered to you via the castle well over a week ago. It's probably somewhere in that organized chaos of yours. Perhaps you should check under the trampoline.
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You sound so much like him...
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I'm inclined to agree.
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True, as I fear my shoulders aren't absorbent enough to handle a cataclysmic flood.
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Indeed. In any case, have you found the code sheet?
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...No, it is just there as a reference guide...